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  • 1023 Executive Parkway, Suite 16
  • St. Louis, MO 63141
  • St. Louis Administrative Offices (800) 958-7124
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Confidential Consultation

If you are concerned about a colleague, friend, or yourself and wish to seek help, call Mary Fahey, Program Director. Mary can be reached at 314-578-9574 for a confidential consultation.


If you or a physician you know are struggling with substance abuse, mental health complications, disruptive behavior, boundary violations, physical illness or any other difficulties.

Please contact us as soon as issues arise, delay can compound risk and complications.

The Missouri Physicians Health Program maintains a strict confidentiality policy. For more information on the policy can be found here.


For administrative matters, please call (800) 958-7124.



The Physician Lifeline, the MPHP newsletter, is published six times a year, and is available at no charge.
Our Team
Lisa Thomas
MD, MA, Medical Director
Robert Bondurant
RN, LCSW, Executive Director
Mary C. Fahey
LCSW, Program Director
Kay O'Shea
MA, CADC, Clinical Coordinator





Jane MacGreevy
MSW, LCSW, Case Manager
Nancy Morton
Hospital Services Coordinator/Editor, The Physician Lifeline

Jamie Hilkenkamp
Client Service Coordinator



  • Physicians' Health Committee Members:


    Scott Groesch, M.D.

    Richard Kenney, DO

    Carlos A. Maitz, MD

    Michael O'Dell, MD

    Bruce Parsa, DO

    J. Chris Perryman MD FACP

    Charles H Sincox, MD, FAAFP



    William L. Woods, MD, FACC


    Associate Medical Directors:

    Richard G. Kenney, D.O.

    James B. Reynolds, M.D., F.A.P.A.


  • Regional Coordinators:

    Jeremy Duke, MA, LPC

    Tracy Ellman, LCSW

    Maria L. Evans, MD

  • William Holtmeyer, Jr., MS, NCC, LPC, CEAP

  • Craig McAndrew, MA, LPC

  • Jayne E. Niskey, Ph.D​