A New Day is Dawning

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A New Day is Dawning

A New Day is Dawning


Bob Bondurant, RN, LCSW

Executive Director

I am so pleased to announce that Cedar Bridge, located in Joplin, Missouri, a private residential treatment center, designed to treat physicians with drug and alcohol addiction has been approved by the Missouri Board of Healing Arts for the referral of Missouri physicians. The MPHP has already developed a collaborative relationship with this fine program and its Medical Director, Dr. Kevin Clark, who is board certified in Addiction Medicine.

The collaboration is already proving its value to Missouri physicians. Recently the MPHP received a call from a Missouri medical center with a request to help a physician with substance abuse issues and a potential for self-harm. Cedar Bridge was contacted by the MPHP staff and was asked to partner with us to help this physician.

Dr. Clark responded immediately and joined the MPHP and the referring facility in developing a plan of action and providing a safe response to preserve this physician. The physician is now safe, undergoing evaluation and treatment in a caring and supportive environment.

As Executive Director of the MPHP for over 20 years, it has long been my wish to have a high quality treatment program for physicians on Missouri soil. It has now been achieved. The close proximity of Cedar Bridge and its quality, caring staff is a significant event for the MPHP in its mission to care for troubled physicians.

The facility that made this referral is also deserving of recognition. Without compassionate referrals by employers and colleagues such as this, our work cannot move forward.

A critical role that the MPHP plays in this collaborative process is our knowledge of the regulatory process and knowing which treatment facilities are board approved. This allows us to better represent physicians when appearing before regulatory agencies. Furthermore, the MPHP has developed close working relationships with the best treatment centers whether located in Missouri or elsewhere. It truly takes a collaborative effort for the long term recovery of each physician.