“Med Students: Exceptionally High Rates of Alcohol Abuse”

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“Med Students: Exceptionally High Rates of Alcohol Abuse”

Recently published by Medscape, in March 24, 2016, this article is highly recommended for all those professors, program directors and other administrators involved with medical students. Several key quotations are provided below:

“Approximately one third of medical school students meet criteria for alcohol abuse or dependence -- double the rate of their age-matched non-med student peers -- with burnout and high educational debt primarily to blame, new research shows.”

“The study notes that as of 2014, the average medical student graduated with a debt of $180,000. [The MPHP has encountered many with significantly higher amounts.] If educational debt continues to rise in the face of lower earnings, the psychological toll of educational debt may become even more severe, the authors add.”

“The study found that the rate of suicidal ideation (9.4) was similar to that reported in previous research among medical students. It was higher that the rate reported in the general US population... Approximately 35% of medical students who reported having suicidal ideation in the survey had coexistent alcohol abuse/ dependence.”