Robert Bondurant
RN, LCSW, Executive Director

In honor of Executive Director Bondurant's life-long commitment to physician health and wellness, we ask that you too make a donation to the MPHP.

Thank you.


 A Letter From The Staff




The Spirit of Compassion Campaign


We provide a sliding scale fee structure for program services for financially distressed medical students, residents and some physicians

Travel expenses as staff travels throughout Missouri performing interventions, consultations, and advocacy services with regulatory agencies

Travel expenses for educational speaking opportunities throughout the state

Supports maintenance of secured record-keeping systems in St. Louis

Anonymity is available: Each January issue of The Physician Lifeline, our e- newsletter, lists the names of each contributor to the MPHP. In addition, Missouri Medicine, the Missouri State Medical Association’s magazine, dedicates a page to a similar listing in their January/February issue. If you prefer to remain anonymous, please let us know and we will gladly honor that request.
Thank you for your tax-deductible donation. We encourage individuals to provide a legacy gift to the MPHP. Please contact Nancy Morton at for details.
Donate online through PayPal, or send your tax-deducatable check here:
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 A Testimonial From Dana McKitrick-Bohm





Legacy Gifts

We encourage individuals to provide a legacy gift to the MPHP.

Legacy Donations are Tax-Deductible